Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tsuritama - Episode 11

Despite an inadvertent missile strike against the port as the typhoon, and more importantly JFX's control of the Duck reinforcement vessels, takes hold, our group of friends are still determined to catch this alien before it does too much damage no matter what.

Thankfully, although the Captain is injured his fishing equipment (and even more importantly his boat) are still intact, meaning that the plan to capture JFX is still well and truly on.  That is, provided they can get past Duck's opposition, as their leader makes one final attempt to bring Yamada back onside.  Once this fails, Akira uses his surprisingly proficient fighting techniques to buy them the time the group needs to take to the sea on the trail of their opponent.

From here, it's really all about Yuki and his attempts to fish out JFX in the midst of stormy seas as the typhoon reaches the cusp of hitting the area.  Can he catch it in time?  He's going to need all of his nous to do so, but despite all of his planning and forethought it still might not be enough to save the day as the world's media look on.  Is Haru going to have to sacrifice himself for the greater good in his stead?

Now that it really has some solid drama to get its teeth into, this is at least a solid episode of Tsuritama, even though it still struggles to really generate any excitement out of a pivotal moment that involves catching a fish, no matter how big.  Again, things maybe different if you have more interest or empathy with its characters, but I simply don't - Natsuki aside, none of the individuals within the show resonate with me in the slightest.  There are some nice touches here - Yuki using his way of replaying events in his head to his advantage was smartly done in particular - and the show is certainly above average compared to a lot of anime fare, but not by much and not in a way which engages me on a personal level.

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