Thursday, 14 June 2012

Medaka Box - Episode 11

As if all his previous machinations weren't bad enough, Myouri Unzen has now managed to commit the ultimate sin - pissing off Medaka.  As our titular character goes out of control and takes leave of her normal, human-loving demeanour, it looks as if the game might be up for Unzen.

Of course, the top man on the student's disciplinary committee isn't exactly the type to walk away from a fight either, and aside from a brief flashback courtesy of Hitoyoshito discuss the last person to sent Medaka into this state, the entire episode sees Unzen and Medaka facing off both physically and ideologically.

Although Unzen has some more sneaky super-ball tricks up his sleeve to literally immobilise and tie up Medaka, even this isn't enough to stop her current rage, as she'll quite happily (and again quite literally) move the entire school building if she has to to reach her prey.  With half of the building collapsed and Unzen trapped, it seems as if his days are numbered, and even trying to talk his way out of the situation isn't going to work against an angry Medaka who has no real interest in seeing sense.  Luckily for him though, a reprieve is at hand, courtesy of Medaka's fellow student council members...

After finally (and let's face it, this has come far too late) turning this around and offering a more interesting denouement to the series, this remains easily the strongest story arc of Medaka Box - ultimately, it's pretty much as clichéd a piece of shounen action as you can get, but underlined with some smart and knowing dialogue to smooth those rough, predictable edges somewhat and create something just a little bit smarter and more fun to watch.  It still isn't anywhere near enough to change my opinion of the series as a whole, but it's clear now that GAINAX are shooting firmly with an eye towards a second season of Medaka Box, so maybe that will be where everything comes to fruition provided they can actually persuade people to watch it after a first series that has mostly been a decidedly poor showing.

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