Friday, 15 June 2012

Tsuritama - Episode 10

Although the DUCK organisation seems to have everything pretty tidily wrapped up in both their hunt for "JFX" and to protect Enoshima's residents from the forthcoming typhoon and everything that entails, not everybody shares their enthusiasm or the way they go about their business.

Thus, as this penultimate episode of Tsuritama progresses, we see an increasing "rebel" faction emerging from Enoshima's residents - no prizes for guessing those involved.  As this group assembles with a little help from Akira, it becomes clear that they'll have to enact their own plan to capture the alien undersea menace in perhaps the world's most dangerous fishing trip.

Luckily, their number is soon to be bolstered by Yuki, who manages to return to Enoshima against the odds, ostensibly to search out and find Haru and, quite literally, slap some sense into the guy... or rather, fish.  With everyone they need reunited, all that is required now is to grab the correct lure, find a boat and go fishing.  Surely things couldn't be quite this simple though?  Of course not... as the typhoon breaks, things start to get decidedly more difficult for our would-be heroes.

As you'd expect from this late point in the series, Tsuritama is finally starting to come to life somewhat, although even here it tends to be rather ponderous in its setup, taking far too long on aspects of its plot that arguably don't require such a time-heavy treatment.  Of course, in my particular case the biggest issue is still that I don't care about any of the characters, so what should probably be an emotional reunion between Yuki and Haru leaves me cold, and the continued reliance on fishing as the answer to everything still leaves me rolling my eyes.  Still, at least it's all over next week and I can stop grumbling about my dissatisfaction with this show!

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