Sunday, 17 June 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 12

Now that all our would-be astronauts are locked away in their "sealed boxes", they've been faced with a deceptively challenging first task - figuring out what time it is.

While most people have pegged the current time at around the same place based on the same calculations, Mutta has struck out in a different direction - but how did he come to that conclusion?  Our protagonist proceeds to reel off some impressive workings, including a glance at the odometer on the bus at both ends of the journey and a calculation of its average speed, much to the astonishment of his team-mates.  If only it were true... the reality is far simpler, if no less accurate in its final result - Mutta simply looked at the clock on the dashboard of the bus before he disembarked.  Still, the final answer is correct, making Mutta's crew one of two teams to supply the correct answer.

After a few hours of sleep (and a lot of stomach grumbling from Serika), the teams awaken with a task to prepare breakfast and decide upon a designated cook, while time also allows the members of Mutta's team to introduce themselves to their colleagues-cum-rivals for this latest part of the selection process.  More specifically, we focus in upon the origin of Serika's name - or rather, the lack thereof - as a gentle aside before things move on apace with the current round of testing.

Although the whole tale surrounding Serika's name really wasn't very interesting at all, and arguably didn't even have that much relevance as it didn't even really dig into the relationship between her younger self and her father, this episode was largely carried (once again) by Mutta himself.  The strangely powerful mix of this observant and intelligent clown works incredibly well, to the point where you can forgive or even revel in his grandiose show-boating on account of his demeanour and the fact that his skills and observational abilities deserve a lucky break.  Between himself and Serika's more interesting moments, and coupled with the other characters within the make-up of their current team, there seems to be plenty available here to power Space Brothers on in a similar vein over the coming weeks.

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