Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jormungand - Episode 11

A new (and final) story arc for Jormungand sees the gang embarking on a simple mission to provide a few lorry-loads of guns to an Italian mafia group.  What could be easier?  Of course, nothing is truly simple in the world of Koko and company.

This is particular true at the moment of Valmer, who we find staring off into the middle distance as Koko unveils the group's latest job.  After flashing back to Valmer and Koko's first meeting, when they were both much younger and the latter persuaded the former to join her merry band in what we assume to be its formative period, we see rather a surprising sight - Valmer taking her leave and heading off alone.  At least, she plans to head off alone, but little does she realise that Jonah has decided to keep her company.. rather, he was sent to keep her company by Koko.

In the meantime, we're introduced to a trio of unusual assassins as they go about their grisly business, before following them on their next job, which (of course) involves taking down Ms Hekmatyar, while Koko finds her bad day getting worse as losing Valmer is compounded by her mafia friends trying to pay her off in drugs - not something that Koko is willing to deal with, causing a decidedly one-sided fire-fight as a result.  With two members of her crew missing, it's no surprise that the aftermath of this is when Dominque and his two killer henchmen (well, henchpersons) decide to strike, with seemingly deadly consequences.

All of this adds us to what looks set to be a rip-roaring finale to Jormungand - this episode was a little muddled in places (a criticism that I feel can be aimed at the show throughout as it tries to cram too much information into too short a timeframe), but Valmer's back story and her hunt for vengeance is interesting enough, while the troubles facing the rest of the group seems like a genuine threat compared to all of the "easy meet" they've been put up against up to this point.  Stealing the show once again though is Koko herself, as we get yet another viewpoint on this enigmatic woman as she opines on her relationship with Valmer while still having no qualms about taking her bad day out on a mafia member via a bullet to the face.  Has there been a more complex, unfathomable yet fascinating character this spring season?

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