Saturday, 5 February 2011

To Aru Majutsu no Index II - Episode 17

Now that Touma has finished messing about in boats, it's time for a bit of a breather in terms of any To Aru Majutsu no Index II major aver-arching storylines this week with an instalment that seems more designed to shift characters around to where they need to be above anything else.

At the centre of this are Accelerator and Last Order, both discharged from hospital and finding themselves moved to a new home; a sanctuary with a member of Antiskill, which seems like a pretty safe place to be.  Elsewhere, the rest of the MISAKA network are also getting a fresh start as their rehabilitation begins, although to what end we're not yet sure.

While these pieces of the proverbial chess board are moved into place, the rest of this episode can content itself with what is effectively a bit of slice of life comedy, with Misaka clearly looking forward to thinking up things to do for Touma's post Daihaseisai penalty game, much to Kuroko's irritation.  This takes up to what is inevitably a very Mikoto-esque date involving mobile phone contracts and, of course, a frog-themed phone strap.

Given its very nature, there isn't a huge amount to say about this episode really - ignoring the use of yet another "oops, I walked in on some girls in the shower" moment (how many times has it been in this series?), there were actually some decent moments of humour, particularly surrounding the Kuroko-Misaka-Touma love triangle, and overall it was an entertaining enough way to spend twenty-five minutes on a Saturday morning.  If nothing else, the integration of the various individuals seen in this episode bodes well for a stronger forthcoming story arc than those we've seen of late.

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