Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season - Episode 7

The previous episode of Kimi ni Todoke was, put simply, a disaster of gigantic proportions in terms of the relationship between its main characters, borne of a misunderstanding that bordered on the ludicrous.  Still, at least some strong words from Yoshida at least started to put Sawako in the correct frame of mind when it comes to dealing with this problem which is at least partially of her own making.

As this seventh episode of the series progresses, we reach the point where pretty much everyone else within Sawako and Kazehaya's orbit seems to have realised the nature of the misunderstanding between them.  The next to fathom it out is Kurumi, who put two and two together and reaches the correct sum before having a few choice words of her own to put Sawako's way - not to dissuade her, but rather to express disappointment at the stupidity displayed by her supposed love rival.

From here, both Ryuu and Pin both put the pieces of the current situation together as they hear more of the story about what transpired last episode from Kazehaya, in turn giving their own unique reactions which (in Pin's case more than Ryuu's) perhaps begins to shift Shouta's mindset ever so slightly in the right direction towards realising he may have made the mistake.  By the end of this instalment things have become decidedly more awkward, with some ill thought-out words from Ken causing a commotion in a corridor at just the wrong moment and indirectly causing another moment of friction between our leading pair, the fallout of which causes Ryuu to have a brief word in Sawako's shell-like before an impromptu meeting between Yano, Yoshida, Kurumi and Ken brings its own set of drama.

Truth be told, this week's episode of Kimi ni Todoke was never going to pack the punch of its direction predecessor, leaving it as no surprise that proceedings were rather more muted this time around.  Overall, I think this decision to back away from the drama in the in-series hours following such an upheaval proves to be a good one, allowing us to monitor as the emotion of the moment drains away and (coupled with some sage advice or hints from others) allows for some more well-defined and crystal clear thought.  Is taking some time out to think about what they've just said and done, or more importantly what they haven't said or done, going to be enough for either Sawako or Shouta?  Well, probably not, but regardless I shall be waiting with bated breath for the next episode as per usual.

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