Friday, 18 February 2011

Gosick - Episode 7

With the so-called "Grey Wolves" assembled in their rather isolated town of Horovitz and with the story about Victorique's mother now out in the open, it's perhaps understandable why our diminutive detective isn't exactly warmly welcomed upon her arrival.

Still, although some parties (not least the head elder's maid) are far from thrilled to see Victorique given her resemblance to her mother Cordelia, the elder himself seems quite content to have her around, giving Victorique the possibility of investigating and attempting to discover the true perpetrator of the crime she believes her mother didn't commit.

Indeed, the evidence to back up her belief comes relatively thick and fast throughout this episode as she investigates Cordelia's home and the grave of the man she was supposed to have killed, although her investigation runs the risk of becoming of only secondary importance against a backdrop of hungry wolves, attempts to force Victorique to leave and, most importantly, a couple of murders of other visitors to the town at the time of its summer festival.

Certainly, this mixture of elements continues to leave this particular story arc of Gosick looking like the best we've been presented so far - yes, it's still a bit hammy and overbearing at times but it has a solid feeling of mystery surrounding it which hasn't been unnecessarily ruined, and the usual wonderful interplay between Kujo and Victorique serves to complement this rather than having to take over and carry the show alone.  In short, it's a little more traditional in its murder mystery story-telling, and on this occasion sticking to some of the traditions of the genre's formula seem to be standing it in good stead.  Let's just hope this arc finishes with a suitable bang rather than a starved wolves' whimper.

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