Monday, 14 February 2011

Level E - Episode 6

Level E continues its Super Sentai send-up for episode six, with our quintet of apathetic kids all set for a mission to retrieve the key that should let them return to their normal lives and escape from the Prince's boredom relieving sense of humour.

After making the long trip required for their next adventure, it doesn't take long for these wannabe (or rather, don't wannabe) Colour Rangers to find their target, Craft; despite his stern looks and strong build however, he clearly couldn't give two monkeys about their quest or playing up to the Prince's requests and so hands over the key with no fuss.  After a little trouble figuring out how to use it, three of the five "Rangers" manage to remove their wrist-bands, even if they have to publicly name the girl (or girls) they like in the process.

Although the majority of the lads are now free, of course the Prince doesn't let them go that easily, and before they know it all five boys are whisked away to a far-off planet - a planet set aside solely as some kind of life-sized RPG.  With enemies roaming around and NPCs of limited vocabulary everywhere, it seems that our Colour Rangers have no choice but to play along, don their costumes once again and grind their way through to reach the required level to win the day.  This seems like a massive chore... until they get into said RPG and end up enjoying every minute of it, as such games are want to do with you.  Come the end of the episode, all five boys seem to have more than enough power to take on their quest and win; but what is the Prince going to throw at them next?

While I am a bit concerned that this whole Colour Rangers story arc might go on too long, and one episode seemed like it should be enough, there were still a few decent laughs to be had from this week's episode.  The elements of the instalment which poked fun at RPGs require no explanation, but this time around we also had some other nice touches of humour as well as references to previous episodes and story arcs which were nice touches in terms of melding the whole series together.  Come the end of it all, this was another pretty entertaining outing that did more than enough to keep me smiling throughout.  Whether it can manage to do so for a third episode along the same lines remains to be seen, but thus far it's still so far so good for Level E.

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