Friday, 11 February 2011

Gosick - Episode 6

Now that the imposter Avril is displaced and the real deal is put back in her rightful place, Kujo has himself a new blonde-haired friend to hang out with - something which leads us into the first mystery of this new story arc, as a plate on sale at a market goes missing in the midst of what appears to be magical goings-on.

Of course, as per usual Victorique seems to fathom out exactly what has happened in no time at all when Kujo relates the scenario to her even though she wasn't there, although this time something is rather different, as Grevil neither captures the culprit nor discovers the stolen plate.  However, this oddity is soon forgotten as Kujo find himself more concerned with Victorique's odd behaviour, as her reactions to him and in particular a prank he pulls on her turns into an outright falling out between the pair of them, all of which happens after Victorique spots a classified advert looking to assemble so-called "Grey Wolves" at a place called Horovitz.

Needless to say, next thing we know Kujo has been dragged along by the still angry Victorique despite her continued refusal to speak to him, and off they had on the train to Horovitz... a journey which sees Kujo once again meet the nun who was believed to be responsible for that missing plate, and one which also reveals yet more about Victorique's back story, in particular the circumstances surrounding her mother.  All of this ties into both the Grey Wolves advertisement in the paper as well as local legend, bringing Kujo, Victorique and a handful of others into what could well be a decidedly dangerous situation...

This sixth episode of Gosick is notable in that, compared to the instalments that have gone before, it does remarkably well at keeping its proverbial powder dry.  Rather than solve its opening mystery in a flash it's still left open to question, while the remainder of the episode has a more measured build up towards an admittedly predictable but nonetheless effective cliffhanger.  Add in the usual stubborn charm which oozes from Victorique and her dealings with Kujo, and you have arguably the best episode of Gosick yet.  How it proceeds from here remains to be seen, but at least this series feels as though it's finally beginning to understand the potential of the show's material and how it should best be utilised.

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