Sunday, 19 December 2010

Star Driver - Episode 12

As if she didn't seem to be hogging too much of this series already, Kanako Watanabe finds herself at the centre of episode twelve of Star Driver.  Ooh, I wonder what will happen this episode?  Will it be a mixture of school-based comedy, drama and/or romance followed by some mecha action, perchance?

Well, whaddya know, this episode begins with a slice of comedy powered by Kanako's predeliction for kissing people through the glass of the classroom window - it also amuses me slightly how the rest of the class are bored of her repetitive, attention-seeking actions, which sounds rather a lot like a certain anime.  Anyway, Mrs. Watanabe's interest in Takuto still doesn't seem to have diminished, and she ends up inviting him on a rather low-key date to pass some time.

Away from such trivialities, the ability to repair Cybodies appears to be on the brink of completion for the Glittering Crux Brigade, although testing this technology could well prove to be risky given that the process requires the libido of its pilot to succeed, and may suck them dry if it fails.  Wait, I probably should have worded that better...

Anyhow, come the end of it all, Kanako tries to persuade Takuto to stop fighting her group, before taking him on head-to-head in this week's action sequence, complete with a boxing theme and yet another ability for Tauburn that Takato pulls out of nowhere just as things threatened to get interesting for a split second.

While the comedy for this episode of Star Driver was far sharper than anything we've seen from the show of late, that's really all it has going for it as per usual - it got a few laughs, but was otherwise as dull and lifeless as ever.  There are brief hints of movement courtesy of Kanako meeting and conversing with Mizuno, but considering we're effectively at the half-way point of this series it would be nice to see something other than the odd glacial snippet of plot progression.

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