Sunday, 12 December 2010

Star Driver - Episode 11

Star Driver's eleventh episode begins with what appears to be some kind of road traffic accident.  You could say that it involved a "Car Driver".  You can tell this show is going nowhere when I'm reduced to making up lame jokes, can't you?

Anyhow, the early portion of this episode sees Kanako Watanabe wrest attention to herself, courtesy of an offer extended to her entire year to attend a pool party she's hosting on her (well, her husband's) nice boat.  Cue an excuse for swimsuits, Wako singing again, and plenty of cocktail drinking.  Indeed, one individual gets so drunk you could call her a "Bar Driver".  Okay, I'll stop now, honest.

Besides dipping briefly back into the love triangle of sorts between Takuto and sisters Marino and Mizuno, our interest this time around comes to settle on Simone, as we learn both her real name and her relation to Kanako and (far more importantly) her husband.  So, the real reason for her hatred of Kanako becomes clear, and in this instalment it bubbles up sufficiently for her to take on Takuto using her Cybody, albeit whilst employing Takashi to do the dirty work for her.  This combination actually looks as though it might finally work in defeating Tauburn, until Sugata intervenes to give Takuto the extra "va-va-voom" he needs to win.

So, another episode of Star Driver has passed, and I'm still utterly bored with its predictable layout and the knowledge that Takuto will always win his battle at the end of the episode one way or another.  Even outside of the action, the whole story surrounding "Simone" felt horribly forced whilst proving to be equally dull in its own right.  I'm seriously starting to think that this series is entirely beyond redemption now, but can I really drop a show after sinking almost six hours into it?

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