Friday, 3 December 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 22

Following an entire episode (not to mention her appearances in previous arcs) of Tsukasa Ayatsuji acting very much like the perfect student, the end of Amagami SS' previous instalment finally gave us a tantalising glimpse of another side to her character, thus setting us up for the rest of her particular story arc.

This blunt, rude and rather forceful part of her personality emerges on account of the notebook of hers found on the floor by Tachibana - clearly it has something within it that she wants nobody to read, although it soon becomes clear that her beef with Junichi is little more than a misunderstanding as to what he did and didn't see inside this notebook.  So, Tachibana gets away with little more than a warning not to tell anyone about Ayatsuji's "true" personality... except of course Tachibana almost goes and does just that the very next day, because he's an idiot.

Nonetheless, after surviving Ayatsuji's wrath a second time somehow, our rather dim lead male carries on behaving as normal around his fellow festival organiser, helping her out and buying her drinks after school despite knowing that she isn't the goody two-shoes she claims to be and is, in fact, simply acting that way for the sake of her own reputation and future career.  When Tsukasa falls ill, Tachibana even pays her a visit at home, which once again illustrates the gulf in personality between her and her sister Yukari.  Certainly, there is a lot to be curious about when it comes to Tsukasa's behaviour and feelings, although ironically it's Tsukasa that seems to be more curious about Junichi by the end of this episode.

Although the whole "hidden personality" stereotype is as old as they come, I can't help but admit that it's made for a compelling story arc so far (by Amagami SS' standards, anyhow) - Ayatsuji is somehow far more likeable and fun to watch than she probably should be, while the devious and forceful side of her personality plays off perfectly against the fact that Tachibana is, let's face it, an idiot.  This pairing gives them both a chance to play up to their stereotypes, and the resulting dynamic "just works", pure and simple.  What's more, there's still plenty left unsaid and undiscovered about our leading lady this time around, which holds with it the promise of the best story arc this show has seen yet - let's just hope it lives up to that opportunity.

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