Friday, 17 December 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 24

Come the end of the previous episode of Amagami SS the star of this arc, Tsukasa Ayatsuj, had lost her hidden bitchy side to become nothing more than her cute, reliable and respected public persona... much to the disappointment of Tachibana, it must be said.

As Ayatsuji's arc comes to a close, this sense of disappointment certainly hasn't waned, nor has Tsukasa's personality returned to "normal", leaving Junichi to be rather sulky despite the fact that arrangements for the Founder's Festival are finally going to plan on the brink of completion.  Indeed, even on the day of the festival itself, Tachibana seems to be struggling with his feelings about Ayatsuji's current situation, until some thoughts from best friend Umehara finally spurs him into action as he realises what he needs to do.

Cue a confession from Tachibana and an explanation of his feelings that brings the "real "Ayatsuji out of the closet, complete with a rather impressive combo move that flattens her wannabe boyfriend.  Still, his confession is eventually accepted and all's well that ends well - although we don't get to discover what was in that notebook of Ayatsuji's, we do get an explanation for the origins of her "unique" personality, which bizarrely revolves around her discover that Santa Claus doesn't exist.  Not the best excuse I've ever heard for being a bit of a psycho, but never mind.

So ends what was, at times, arguably the most entertaining arc of Amagami SS which floated by almost purely on a sense of fascination with Ayatsuji's personality.  I still feel like this arc didn't do as much with that personality as it might have been able to, particularly in its final revelations this episode which were pretty weak sauce truth be told, but there was a certain amount of fun to be had from the arc overall and at least it had an ending compared to the open-ended nightmare which was poor Rihoko's arc.  Still, we're not quite done with this series yet, as it looks like the final episode is going to dredge up some old memories for Junichi...

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