Saturday, 11 December 2010

Kuragehime - Episode 8

With Kuranosuke's determination still not wavering, it's time for him persuade the residents of Amamizuka to start making some serious money - a drive which begins by going through the propery's attic to see what lies within.  The answer?  A lot of tacky and/or old crockery.  Hmm, seems a lot like my parent's attic now I come to think about it.

With some prize 1970s pieces chosen, Kuranosuke drags Tsukimi "After" out to a local sale to try and sell their booty, only to find that visitors seem far more interested in a little "Clara" jellyfish doll Tsukimi made and brought along as a good luck charm.  Like some kind of Apprentice wannabe, Kuranosuke spots an opportunity to make some cash, and before we know it the rest of the gang are helping Tsukimi out in making as many jellyfish dolls as they can out of old cloth for the ravenous buying public that snap them all up.

Meanwhile, in the world of politics and blackmail Shuu finally figures out what's going on regarding Inari, but finds himself powerless to do anything much about it.  Then again, he might not have to, with his father asking family chauffeur Yoshio to check up on what is going on with regard to his son and his supposed girlfriend.  Rather than spy on Shuu himself, Yoshio instead calls in a favour from an old friend who is now a private investigator to do the dirty deed for him, although come the end of this episode that whole plan has become more needlessly complicated than any of those parties would have liked.

Talking of complexities, the relationship between Kuranosuke and Tsukimi also takes another turn after the former catches the latter prancing around pretending to wear a wedding dress - an event which leaves Tsukimi in despair and Kuranosuke with a bit of heart trouble as he continues to struggle with his feelings and responses towards Tsukimi - indeed, this troubles almost extend to having his gender revealed to the rest of the Amamizuka women to boot.

So, another week means another wonderful episode of Kuragehime - if I found myself missing the comedy of earlier instalments over the last couple of weeks (and to be honest, I did) then I was rewarded in spades this time around courtesy of plenty of laugh out loud moments.  That isn't to say that plot progression was forgotten, as that got a reasonably healthy serving of attention as well to keep everything flowing.  Can they really resolve anything in just three more episodes though?  It feels like there's simply too much to fit into such a small time slot; I really hope they can pull it off and not leave us hanging or otherwise disappointed.

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