Sunday, 5 September 2010

New comment system now in place

For anyone who is wondering (indeed, for anyone who cares at all) - I've finally gotten around to something I've been meaning to do here for longer than I care to remember, that being to do away with Blogger's rather horrible default commenting system in preference for something which is (hopefully) much better.

Thus, if you're looking to comment on any 'blog post here, you'll be able to do so via Disqus, which is far better placed for allowing guest comments while also allowing you to login via Disqus itself, Twitter, OpenID and (if I can get it working) Facebook. EDIT: Logging in to comment via Facebook should also now be operational.

At the time of writing this all old comments from the original Blogger system aren't showing up, but I have an import of those comments pending so hopefully they'll all integrate into the new system in due course with any luck. EDIT: It looks like all comments from the old system are now imported, so everything should be up and running!

If you have any feedback on the new system, then feel free to... well, leave a comment!

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