Thursday, 9 September 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 23

As this series slides inexorably towards the end, so we shift ever so close to the girl's graduation - the day before, in fact. While most normal kids would avoid school like the plague on a day where they don't have to attend, somehow the light music club girls end up using the day as a chance to gather and relax at school regardless.

With normal school life carrying on around them, there really isn't a lot for the girls to do, meaning that a lot of tea drinkage is in order when they aren't otherwise trying to entertain themselves by clearing out their old desks, hanging out with Nodoka (who does actually have a valid reason to be there as former student council president), trying to create a light music club themed version of Snakes and Ladders (another merchandising opportunity for this show, no doubt) and so on. You can tell boredom is rife when the highlight of the girl's day is cleaning the club room.

Eventually, once school is over and they're actually allowed to play their instruments without fear of disturbing anybody, the girls do strike upon a decent idea - to record their performance for posterity, which they duly do in their own cheap and cheerful fashion.

In what was largely a dull episode, the theme of "leaving something behind" was the only thing which really struck a chord with me - it's something that I guess we all want to do in life as a whole (whether it's via writing or whatever), but at school it tends to be both important and yet simultaneously very hard to actually do; I certainly don't remember leaving any kind of notable legacy anywhere I attended. This also inevitably tinged the episode with a slight unspoken sadness, which is as much a reverberation of the last few instalments as much as anything else - it's left me almost dreading the end of this series, tear-fest that it seems almost guaranteed to be. Even when it's somewhat off-form in terms of humour and entertainment value like this episode, I'm still sure that I'm going to miss the series when it's gone.

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