Thursday, 2 September 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 23

Just as Lina and Joey's heart to heart looked as though it might go somewhere important, the pair of them are interrupted by a phone call from Professor Denton, which of course leaves Joey having to run off to fulfil his responsibilities as a hero as always. At this point, what we've all known for some weeks now is reveal - Will is really the good guy in the current set of circumstances, as the remnants of the Skrugg force seem to be up to something decidedly sinister, joining all of the dots of the various goings-on of recent episodes.

While Agent Hughes implores Joey and company to help them figure out what is going on, whoever or whatever is behind these rejuvenated Skrugg forces beats them to the punch, attacking the White House with those rather handy tentacle things previously seen on that government-owned island and taking over the building while also blocking all communications inside it. "What would they want with the White House?" ponders Hughes. Hmm, who knows, it's almost like you had the most powerful man in the world inside or something... that said, there's more to it than that, as it seems that there's also a secret bunker used for experimentation under the White House, which of course is exactly where you'd put anything dangerous and liable to cause trouble, right?

Anyway, the rest writes itself from here - It's going to be up to Joey and Heroman to save the day with backup (and some nifty upgrades for the latter) from the NIA, setting the scene for the final few episodes of the series while also giving us an intriguing parting between Lina and Joey to mull over. It has to be said that there was a certainly feeling of "this is cool" watching Joey and Heroman preparing to jump from the fuselage of an aircraft to begin their attack - a cool factor which has been lacking too frequently since they finished scrapping with the Skrugg. Ignoring the slightly clunky plot points which have brought us to this point, everything is nicely poised for some ass-kicking, breath-taking action over the next week or two, and I can only hope that HEROMAN doesn't disappoint in that regard as it really could do with a memorable finale.

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