Thursday, 9 September 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 24

With the Whitehouse overwhelmed by evil tentacle things and what remained of the Skrugg now growing in power and attempting to resurrect their leader Kogorr (why? He wasn't exactly very good at being in charge last time around, nor was he the kind of nice boss who would make his staff tea when they were busy, you'd have thought they wouldn't want him around again), Joey and Heroman look set to have a busy time in Washington as we roll towards the climax of the series.

Indeed, by the time they hit the ground things are looking even more difficult, with the whole city threatening to be overwhelmed by these new-look Skrugg forces - lucky then that Heroman is now equipped with all kinds of awesome new gadgets courtesy of the NIA, allowing him to cut a swathe through his opponents on the way to their real goal. In the meantime, Professor Denton has been flown out to Washington alongside Psy, Holly and Lina to offer his own unique brand of assistance, which he endeavours to do using all of the powers now at his beck and call.

From here, it's really all about Joey and Heroman kicking ass for most of the episode as they race to the Whitehouse, while Joey's place in proceedings is outed for the world to see thanks to the media. Of course, by the time they arrive Kogorr is about to be resurrected, while those ominous black spheres from earlier in the series are on the move again as they head for Washington. Cue cliffhanger...

Ignoring some rather odd plot holes (why are those slow-moving spheres from before now fast and airborne - if they could do that in the first place why not use it during the initial invasion? I'm also still not convinced that there's any point resurrecting Kogorr either, but maybe he'd promised them a good Christmas bonus or something), this was HEROMAN back to what it should be - a boy and his robot friend kicking seven shades of backside week after week in an attempt to save the world. It certainly beats beach episodes and even worrying about a crazy evil genius, that's for sure, and it looks like we're all set for an action-packed, entertaining and popcorn-chewing finale.

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