Friday, 3 September 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 10

After introducing us to Sae Nakata last episode, Amagami SS' tenth instalment scoots us three weeks further on from those goings-on, to a future where a freak accident involving wolves has caused Sae's voicebox to be ripped out, leaving her unable to speak. At least, that's what I was hoping might have happened in that three week period, but sadly not - Sae still has a voice, and it's still pretty irritating, although I'm guess I'm getting used to it, much like the drone of a slightly faulty washing machine.

Anyhow, despite the passing of those three weeks Tachibana is still trying to "coach" Sae in preparation for a job interview at a restaurant, with limited success... it appears that we've now progressed to her being able to talk to vending machines, but not much else. Tachibana's training probably isn't really helping, considering what it consists of making her change clothes in front of him (leading to an inevitable "oops, I slipped up and fell on you while wearing my swimsuit just as your sister walked into the room" moment) and taking her to a public baths where fish nibble on your feet (does such a place really exist? Anyone wanna rent out my fish tank?), causing Sae to actually sound slightly less like a whining refrigerator, much to Tachibana's pleasure. Come the end of the episode it seems as though Sae is all but set to confess to her senior... but that isn't going to happen just like that given her personality, is it?

I know that I really should have gotten used to Amagami SS' plots proving to be absolutely daft by now, but you know what? I really haven't. Preparing for the working world by changing clothes in front of a guy? Feet-nibbling eroticism performed by fish? Conversing with vending machines? If someone can send me over a little of what the script writers for this series are smoking, I'd be most grateful, it's clearly some pretty potent stuff. I guess the utter insanity (and indeed inanity) of it all actually makes the show's viewing experience fun in its own unique way, like a fluffy car crash where you know everyone is surrounded by pillows so it's okay to enjoy watching. If there's one positive to be said for this series so far, it's that its hard to guess what's coming next - while that puts it one step above a lot of visual novel adaptations, it doesn't make it any less coherent, but I guess we're now at the point where if you're still watching, that randomness simply doesn't matter.

I wonder though - is the fish-nibbling this story arc's moment of sexy weirdness (or weird sexiness, if you prefer)? I'm going to be oddly disappointed if that means we'll be deprived of Tachibana feasting on an unusual body part this time around, although my bet is that he might have a go at recreating the "fish incident" himself...

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Robert said...

While this show's fetish sections have been occasionally disturbing (navels are nice, but the knee...?), in all fairness to Amagami SS - Sieg Heil! - fish pedicures do actually exist. A bit of googling shows that there's even a clinic for them in London: