Wednesday, 12 May 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 6

After a couple of episodes detailing the fun and frolics in Kyoto (and of course the slightly less fun times had by those left behind), normal service is resumed as we hit episode six of K-ON!!... although with Japan's rainy season in full swing, life is tough for anyone looking to carry an instrument to and from school every day.

Well okay, it isn't that tough unless your Yui, whose love affair with Gitah goes to ever more ridiculous lengths, particularly when it comes to making sure "he" stays dry from the rain at her own expensive - A scenario which at least brings us one great slapstick moment as Yui loses her footing.

Once the soaked Yui arrives at school, she finds herself in the care of the rest of the light music club girls as they go about drying her off, finding her a change of clothes (before quickly learning that a maid outfit isn't suitable school attire) and eventually helping her to iron and generally sort out her clothes once they've dried. The continuing rain eventually leaves to a difficult night without Gitah for Yui after her other efforts to keep "him" dry fail, while her particular brand of enthusiasm even seems to be rubbing off on Mio and Asuza.

By this juncture I think it's fair to say that the tone has well and truly been set of K-ON!! - It's all about being light and fluffy, never mind about the substance... or the music for that matter. Yet despite its almost vacuous subject matter, it still continues to work its magic thanks to some excellent character animation and the occasion jokes and comic moments that work perfectly in both execution and timing. I still worry that this particular shtick will become tiring if we really are going all the way to the twenty episode mark and beyond, but for now K-ON!! continues to be the most relaxing anime-related indulgence you can sink into with the guarantee of a bright and breezy smile come rain or shine.


JW said...

Ah there were so many good moments.

The "attack" of Gitah
Sawa-chan's Black Death Glare
"Eeek! Nooo, Sawa-chan!" *giggle*
Triangle Love!

I think because K-ON does it so well, I would actually prefer it if it was light and fluffy time. Having any sort of gravity would ruin things kinda.

JELEINEN said...

I get the feeling that the songs we got in the last two episodes are a take that to the people complaining that there hasn't been enough music in the show.

Maquiavelo said...

but the best part ever was the face of Mio when we catch her talking to Elizabeth xDDDDDDDDDD

Krungie said...

ELIZABETH!!! GITAHH!! MUTTANN!!!! Eeeee!! My girlish giggles are about to come out. c:

Alright, skipping my little spasm there, I want K-ON to stay like this forever. Its cuteness is what we all watch it every week for. Nonetheless... I am still waiting for a more solid plot and a new character? Maybe... Oh well.

ahchiew said...

Elizabeth...... A great ep as usual. Keep it going

Michael said...

Yep, this series is light and fluffy, but hey, that's why the first series worked so well, just like shows along the lines of Hidamari Sketch, etc.

After this bit of a lull, we will eventually move closer to the end of the girls' school days, which will bring a little bit of sadness, but I think if they hold true to their dream, we'll see them doing more music, getting closer to their Budokan debut. The OAV showed that they did perform outside of school, so that side of the story doesn't seem dead.

I think as we've seen, so far this show hasn't gotten dry and stale (bit mouldy this episode maybe.. :), and even for a non-musician like me, the musical subjects are surprisingly interesting.