Wednesday, 5 May 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 5

After the last episode covered the girls trip to Kyoto, this next instalment of K-ON!! deals with those that were left behind, as we primarily follow Asuza, Ui and their mutual friend Jun for the period of the rest of the light music club's field trip.

Needless to say, despite focusing on this trio we still get to follow their story in relation to said field trip in the form of numerous texts from Yui to both her sister and Asuza, while the former's growing upset at being left without her beloved sibling means that Jun and Asuza decide to stick around to keep her company until Yui returns, sleep-over and all.

In comparison to the Kyoto field trip, this episode is even more sedate in its goings-on, taking in such adrenaline-fuelled moments as buying too many doughnuts, running out of toothpaste and a rainy day. Somehow even despite this K-ON!! manages to be pretty fun to watch - It might not be the funniest episode of this franchise we've ever seen, but a few amusing moments coupled with an odd sense of realism to the entire instalment keeps things enjoyable, bolstered further by the fresh perspective of seeing a few different characters in the limelight for once.

Even when there isn't much going on, I find myself marvelling more at certain aspects of K-ON!! every episode - No matter your thoughts on the character designs you can't help but wonder at the level of detail when it comes to the show's animation, movement and backgrounds, which does a lot to add to that feeling of reality I just mentioned, making what could have been a dull episode almost comforting to watch. It also looks as though Jun and Ui will be getting more screen time next episode too, which could keep things interesting, while at least we can be thankful that Kyoto Animation didn't decide to make eight episodes following this field trip from different perspectives...

Oh, and finally, this episode really got me wondering - Who would win in a cook-off between K-ON!!'s Ui and Hidamari Sketch's Hiro? Enquiring minds want to know.


JW said...

Ui all the way. She's like, the Japanese Martha Stewart/Julia Child human-hybrid. She makes her mother and her grandmother feel inferior. She could make top rated sushi out of popcorn and dirt. She the Kaminoko of the Kitchen.

Krungie said...

Ohh Jun. So nosy. Meh. Let her be in this episode but I do not want to see her buns and face during the next one. Somehow without me paying attention, Jun annoys me. Some of you may disagree, sure. But she reminds me of my sis. Not very pleasant. So.

Oh also. Ui can whoop wats-her-face's butt in whiskin' any day. JW just said it in a more pleasing fashion. Nice vocab there JW.

ahchiew said...

This is nice ep where Ui actually cried and the part that shows how talented she is in almost everything.

JW said...

Thanks, Krungie!! :)

Was I the only one who laughed when Yui texted "Skull?"

Lyco-PEENE! *giggle*

Maquiavelo said...

no JW i also laughed when Yui texted "Skull?" xDDDDDDDDD