Thursday, 13 May 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 7

While this episode of HEROMAN begins with the sweet dreams (or should that be nightmares?) of Nick and, more specifically, Will as he continues to be "repaired" and upgraded (including a shot which shows us exactly why Psy is somewhat disabled), Doctor Minami's appearance in front of the American President looks set to cause a change of plan at the top of the tree as an alternative option to pushing the big red button is unveiled.

Aside from some hints as to exactly what this "plan B" is, seemingly holding the notion that capturing one of the Skrugg's spheres would be a good idea, our main concern this time around is with Joey and company as they look to take their fight right into the heart of the invading Skrugg forces' spaceship, which they look to do via the sewer system to avoid detection before going about their way looking for the control centre which seemingly drives those aforementioned spheres.

Predictably, from here Nick and Will soon enter the fray, leaving Joey, Heroman and Lina to try and ensure their own survival without hurting their two semi-human foes until they can find a way of freeing them from the Skrugg's mind control... although that is labouring under the assumption that their actions are entirely dictated by the Skrugg in the first place, which appears not to be the case universally come the end of the instalment.

To be frank, I think the word "predictable" could probably used to sum up this episode from beginning to end, particularly once we got inside the Skrugg headquarters - It was inevitable that they'd end of facing off against Will and Nick again (how cool/funny were their eyebrow upgrades though? Good work Skrugg design team!), and even more inevitable that at least one of them would come to their senses and end up fighting the good fight once again. Even more predictable was the obvious comparison of Joey and Nick and how they used their respective powers - Despite arguably coming from similar backgrounds as far as not being "alpha male" individuals, one chooses to be kind and helpful and use his new-found powers for good while the other relies on material possessions to lure in so-called friends before grasping enough power to make life comfortable for himself no matter the cost. It's certainly old-school superhero stuff, that's for sure.

Not that that makes this a bad episode, mind you - I was amused by the attempt to deploy Heroman quietly, and the instalment as a whole sped by quickly enough to suggest it was entertaining. As we've already discussed, HEROMAN isn't here to be a cerebral story, so as mindless fun it continues to be... well, fun. Mindlessly so.


JW said...

??? What are you talking about Hanners? This episode was good! And it wasn't entirely mindless. (Those eyebrows were a hoot.)

My wish is that they would fill out the characters a little more. But that's my only complaint.

Heroman, Rock Rock on!

amxed said...

Did anyone notice another Stan Lee tribute with that Spiderman spider in the underground sewer system?

JW said...

You know I saw that and I thought, "Hey that looks like the spider that bit Peter Parker. lol!"

I had forgotten that Stan Lee has something to do with this. That long pensive look from Heroman should have clued me in. Good catch!