Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nyan Koi! - Episode 2

As we hit Nyan Koi!'s second episode, I'm sure it goes without saying that Junpei's curse is still well and truly intact, leaving him desperately trying to do his bit to help the required number of cats to lift said curse. To make things worse, he's now told that he isn't allowed to tell anybody else about his predicament.

That aside, this episode sees a new character introduced to the proceedings - Kanako Sumiyoshi, a girl who likes to... err.... "power dress" (to put it politely) and a former childhood friend of Junpei's although that particular friendship appears to be on the rocks for reasons we learn about later in the episode. When Junpei is introduced to a cat who wants to thank the girl who has been feeding and looking after it (because, or course, cat's don't normally talk, leaving Junpei to do the work), of course we soon find out that it's none other than Kanako who he is tasked with thanking. But can he do it without making a fool of himself?

Despite being pretty run-of-the-mill in just about every way that an anime series can be, from the characters down to the use of a culture festival as a vehicle for this episode, it still proves to be reasonably enjoyable - Kaede's naive yet positive outlook on life lights up the screen no matter how well-worn in may be, and even Kanako's behaviour keeps things relatively interesting throughout.

All of that makes Nyan Koi!quite a difficult series to talk about in 'blogging terms - There's nothing outstanding to discuss nor is there anything terrible to poke fun at; the series itself blends into the general noise of a new anime season if I'm quite honest, and yet while you're actually sat watching it, the show proves to be perfectly entertaining and mildly amusing. This isn't the kind of series you'll ever want to revisit, but as a slice of fun for the here and now it actually does okay and has enough going for it to fill up twenty minutes here and there quite nicely.

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Calaveth said...

I'm with you in your assessment of the show. It's not exactly boring, not particularly bad, rather middle of the road really. Still, I expect to continue watching it, even if it's a show I'll leave in the queue until I've seen everything else released around the same time. If it had been a stronger season I might have dropped Nyan Koi, but as it is I feel I can spare the time for a show I at best rate "moderately amusing".