Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Kimi ni Todoke - Episode 3

It really managed to sneak up on me in a quite unexpected way, but come the end of the last episode I had a new favourite show for this autumn anime season, and that series was Kimi ni Todoke. Did episode three do anything to dispel these thoughts? Absolutely not - If anything, it left me even more deeply in love with this heart-warming little story than before.

Following the rearranging of desks last episode, things are going swimmingly for Sawako, as she finds herself befriending those around her slowly but surely, with Kazehaya on hand sat right next to her as and when required - Indeed, while Sawako still seems to think that Kazehaya is entirely responsible for her changing fortunes, she seems to entirely miss the fact that she's also largely responsible in this change of attitude towards her thanks to her own efforts.

So, Sawako's circle of friends, or at least those willing to talk to her, increases and expands, yet we're still treated to some wonderful and amusing examples of her continued naivety, not least when Kazehaya passes her a note during class - Simple but effective comedy at its best. Of course, Sawako's innocent nature coupled with Kazehaya's rather shy behaviour around her isn't exactly helping to progress the relationship between the two any further than its existing level, but that's one for another day no doubt, and even with everything going so well for our protagonist it appears that she still has some hurdles to overcome judging by the final scene of this instalment.

It's a bit hard to sum up this series without gushing unnecessarily, but this really was a wonderful episode to watch - It had me smiling constantly from beginning to end (and much like Sawako, it takes a lot to make me really smile), it made me laugh, and it just generally filled me with a warm heart and a sense of well-being throughout, turning this lonely old git into a soppy old romantic. That's a good thing by the way, in case you're wondering. Anyway, as of right now I really can't get enough of this series, and I'm seriously starting to think I should check out the manga too - Something this sweet just shhouldn't be left untouched.


JW said...

To Kuronuma Dammit!

I was laughing all day.

Yuri said...

I keep hearing about this series. I should check it out :)