Friday, 23 October 2009

Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini - Episode 3

The end of the last episode of Ryuusei no Gemini left Hei in rather a tight spot thanks to an odd contraption set up by some of what seem to be his ever-increasing number of foes. However, something decidedly odd happens at this point, which seems to be the catalyst of an enormous change for both Hei and, in particular, Suou.

All of this has to be considered later however, as the pair make their escape, and despite Suou saving Hei on this occasion there's certainly no real build-up of trust, as once Suou comes back around from their earlier "swim" she's bound up by him, before getting an almighty slap for suggesting that Hei would even kill his own family and lovers if he was told to - A touchy lad is our favourite contractor.

Despite Hei's vague distrust for Suou, it appears that a change of orders is on the way, and these instructions come from a familiar face... well, a familiar voice at least. Thus, the new plan is for the pair of them to set off for Japan and Hell's Gate, which it seems is the new destination of Shion. While catching the train seems like a logical way to make their next move, all Hell breaks loose as Tanya (let to Suou inadvertently by Nika) and a number of other contractors appear on the scene to try and thwart their progress. But why is Hei not using his contractor powers? And how come Suou can suddenly materialise a huge gun out of her body? And why is her flying squirrel pet talking? If you've watched this episode then I'm sure you already know the answers to all of these questions, but if not then I have to tease you somehow, right?

There probably isn't a lot to say in summary here apart from asserting that Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini takes some fantastic turns this episode, piling up the revelations and reintroducing old faces while simultaneously piling layer upon layer of mystery onto the series, from exactly what has happened with Yin upwards. Overall, it makes for a fascinating cocktail that I can't wait to sup from again next week, whilst this episode didn't forget to lay on the spectacular action for the second half of this instalment to keep my jaw glued wide open as the goings-on unfolded. It may not have quite the subtlety and lightness of touch of the original series of Darker than BLACK, but three episodes in Ryuusei no Gemini is proving to be extremely compelling in its own way.

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I'm loving the second season. I'm glad Hei is still a main part of it - however I'm not too fond of him not BEING the main part of it. =p