Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 29

After so many goings-on in the last episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a bit of a lull in the action was perhaps more than a little necessary to calm things down and let everything that is going on sink in, and that's pretty much exactly what we get in episode twenty-nine of the series.

While Ed and Al gain further realisation of just how inter-connected the military and the Homunculus are, they meet up with Mustang who is still "enjoying" the company of Wrath, aka King Bradley. While Ed looks to resign his post as State Alchemist, he is soon forced to change his mind on account to threats upon Winry's life, instead having to cede to letting the Homunculus continue with their plans in return for the Elric brother's being allowed to continue their search for a way to return to their own bodies.

Away from all of this, Scar finds Doctor Marcoh while still wandering around injured near the Homunculus lair, and Greed continues to occupy Ling Yao's body, albeit with the occasional minor "interruption" from his host, which is at least enough to pass some information on to Lan Fan as Al also reveals to her the whole truth of what happened.

Thus, come the end of the episode we're set up for whatever is to come next, with Lan Fan and May Chang meeting, Ed considering how Scar and May Chan's "different" type of alchemy could help them in their own quests, and Major Amstrong apparently about to go into full-blown flashback mode. It probably says a lot about how utterly fantastic previous episodes have been that this all seems a little sedate, but I'm happy to give it a pass on account of it being something of a necessity considering all those episodes that have been packed out with major advances to the story.

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