Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Natsuiro Kiseki - Episode 2

You'd have thought that suddenly, unexpectedly being given the ability to fly, no matter how briefly, would be enough to heal any rifts in a group's friendship, wouldn't you?  Not so in the world of Natsuiro Kiseki, where Natsumi and Saki are still at each other's throats despite inwardly wanting to make up.

If this pair of girls are doing a good job of hiding their true desires, the same can't be said of Yuka and Rinko, who are both desperate to see their buddies rebuild any broken bridges - indeed, after finding Yuka trying her hand at some more wishes at the big rock that granted their last request, both Rinko and her friend ponder how great it would be for Natsumi and Saki to make up and stick together.

You can probably see where things head from here, with our two former friends literally stuck together by the power of magic until they make up - a rather awkward scenario at the best of times, before you consider that Natsumi isn't fully dressed at that point in time.  Once the two of them realise what's transpired, off they head to confront Yuka and Rinko, who are less than enamoured at the thought of being collared by this angry looking pair - cue a long run around town until everything finally rights itself, and we find ourselves with a group of four friends with no issues or arguments to get in the way once again.

After being hugely surprised to see what I assumed would be a bog-standard slice of life series throw a bunch of magic into the mix, so that trend continues in  Natsuiro Kiseki's second episode.  In a way, this is no bad thing, as there's obviously plenty of room for comedy within that premise if nothing else - if only it had decided to do something a little less dull with it this week.  Having Saki and Natsumi stuck together was amusing for all of two minutes before becoming old hat, and by the time they'd spent about ten minutes just running around town chasing their friends it had become utterly and horribly dull, a case of stretching an idea to breaking point and beyond that even Nichijou would blanche at.  It seems pretty clear by this point that Natsuiro Kiseki is going to be pretty dull and uninspired in everything attempts - but, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm going to watch it at least a little longer to confirm my suspicions.

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