Monday, 16 April 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 26 (Completed)

After all his trials and tribulations, Yukiteru has finally found himself in the best of all possible worlds - sure, it may just be a construct designed to placate him, but does it really matter?

With Yukkii locked away, all that's really left on Yuno's "to do" list is to kill the version of herself in the third world to take her place and begin the survival game all over again - a plot delayed by a conversation between the two Yunos that makes the Yuno will all know and "love" (perhaps we should just call her yandere Yuno for now) waver in her task for a while.

Meanwhile, something odd is going on elsewhere in this world, as various "threads" pertaining to the other would-be diary holders seem to be resetting themselves.  What on Earth could be causing this to happen?  The answer is, of course, First, who finds the motivation to break out of his idyllic prison just in the nick of time.  With Yukiteru and Yuno back in the game again, one of the has to die, but which one is willing to make that sacrifice (or kill the other for that matter)?  Besides that, what exactly is the winner intending to do with their new powers as the god of space and time?

It's this ending to the series that is, sadly, a little weak - inconclusive at best, and a little dull at worst as it focuses largely on the third world which we didn't really spend enough time in to care about directly even if it does feature all of the same characters.  With a teaser that there's clearly more to come, and with Yukiteru and "his" world floating in limbo, it seems that we'll have to wait longer still to see what Mirai Nikki has up its sleeve next.  Despite falling a little flat at the final hurdle, that still isn't enough to deflect the fact that the series has been incredibly fun to watch - a never-ending cavalcade of insanity that always, somehow, manages to have enough thought behind it to explain the craziness.  It's a dark, dirty but ultimately intelligent tale in its own special way, and it's been a wonderful roller-coaster thrill ride that I've loved from beginning to end.  Hopefully, this "next project" will give it the fitting ending that it deserves.

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Dokidoki said...

I am SO depressed.
I wanted so much to have an epic know, Yuno gets fed up with the game, slaughters Deus, ends reality...that sort of thing.
Instead I get twenty minutes of wangst followed by a total non-ending.