Monday, 9 April 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 25

Things aren't looking too great for house prices in Sakurami City, as Mirai Nikki's insanity moves on to a third world which it then proceeds to destroy or damage large swathes of.

Of course, the property market isn't exactly high up Yuno's list of priorities as she steels herself to dispose of the second world's Yukiteru so that she can claim her place as that world's God again, in turn enabling her to seek out happiness in the third universe she's invaded, however futile that might be.  As for Yukkii himself however, he seems hell-bent on making everybody happy no matter what, and nothing that Ninth says can dissuade him otherwise as he sets off to save the third world's Yuno while trying to figure out a way to send the second Yuno back to her proper world and time.

Ultimately, all of this sets us up for a massive finale struggle, with Yukiteru and Uryuu on the one hand and Yuno and Murmur on the other, bringing us some surprisingly slick and visually impressive (well, sometimes anyway) action as these two "teams" battle it out using a mixture of their wits and physical violence.  After twists and turns aplenty however, it seems as if Yukiteru has finally met his match, as Yuno traps him in a sphere containing his own idealised world (albeit one where Yuno doesn't exist) and a fully unleashed Murmur gets the better of Ninth.  Is this time to say goodbye to any remote possibility of a happy ending?  All will be revealed next week, hopefully.

By this point, and having so cleverly crafted its world (or rather, worlds), I'm not sure that Mirai Nikki could do anything much to disappoint me, as it seems to have its streak of entertaining insanity thoroughly sewn up.  This week's instalment was no different, delivering perhaps the most intense action segments of the series to date while playing wonderfully with its premise a little further in ever-more mind-bending ways.  Utterly bonkers nonsense has never been so enjoyable, and I'll be a little sad when it all comes to an end next week.

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Awet M said...

Agreed. I might even be motivated to blog a review on this show after next week. Its madcap energy surpasses all known flaws of writing or tropes of the medium, and this episode is no different.

Yukiteru should learn the true danger of getting what he wishes for with that idealized reality by now, but then again, none of us should expect much from a character whose denseness is legendary -- surpassing even that of Tenma from School Rumble!