Monday, 2 April 2012

Future Diary - Mirai Nikki - Episode 24

Now that the truth about Yuno Gasai and the third body in her house has been revealed, along with the true extent of the insanity of our favourite yandere, where on Earth can Mirai Nikki go next?

With the current world looking decidedly unstable, it seems that it's time to put an end to this survival game, with Murmur all set to crown Yuno as the victor once again - such thoughts are, however, a little premature, as Yukiteru refuses to go quietly.  With our protagonist both realising (finally) just how crazy Yuno is, and also conversely how crazy he is about Yuno, Yukkii's choice is to fight to save Yuno from her own fate - a decision which is, of course, easier said than done, especially with the guiding hand of Murmur around.

After being rescued from his fate by the re-appearance of an unlikely saviour in the form of Ninth, Yukiteru and Uryuu pursue Murmur and Yuno back in time - two years into the past to be precise, leaving us with a third world to consider as its own survival game begins its inception.  With all of the characters we've come to know throughout the series alive and kicking in this new world however, just who is Yukkii going to choose to save?  His main aim is to protect Yuno from her fate, but that soon becomes problematic once other people precious to Yukiteru are thrown into the mix.

Having tried to figure out just how and why Mirai Nikki's weekly dose of insanity works so well as an entertaining story, this particular episode perhaps proves perfectly what it does so well - stretching the viewer's suspension of disbelief to breaking point, only to snap it back into place thanks to the logic of a base premise that effectively allows the series to do whatever the hell it likes.  Thus, this episode has our characters flying around like an FPS video game character with "noclip" turned on, yet we barely bat an eyeline because the episode also points out that this makes sense within the show's world.  On top of all that, the introduction of time travel now leaves us with a deliciously complex and convoluted finale to the series which manages to bring back previously deceased characters while leaving our focus on Yukiteru and Yuno, which is as it should be.  Once again, Mirai Nikki manages to get away with being absolutely bonkers while remaining no less enjoyable for its deluded insanity which seems to have little respect for the human condition.  It shouldn't work, but by god it does, if only by the skin of its teeth at times.

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