Sunday, 28 February 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - Episode 21

At last, the previous episode of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun brought us back to the realms of a proper story arc, with the inevitable fleshing out of the earthquakes that had been mentioned in a few previous episodes into a plot proper. However, one of these "earthquakes" almost had serious consequences for Uihara and new transfer student Haruue, with the pair saved only by a timely intervention from the MAR (Multi Active Rescue) team and one of their rather handy mechas.

In the light of this latest so-called Poltergeist incident, Misaka finds herself pondering who could be responsible for these goings-on, naturally thinking back to the vaguely similar Level Upper incidents despite the fact that the perpetrator of said case is still supposedly safely locked away. The next suspect is of course Haruue herself, taking into consideration the location of the various Poltergeist incidents in relation to her own, and with that in mind Kuroko and Misaka do a little digging into her abilities, in the process finding some information which only serves to concern them further.

These concerns seem to be well-justified as yet another incident occurs with Haruue seemingly at its epicentre, although Kuroko's attempts to point out this possibility causes shockwaves and another rift in itself, as Uihara simply refuses to believe that her new-found friend could be responsible in any way. Some official testing seems to back up her beliefs, but there's still something clearly not right here, and come the end of the episode Misaka's suspicions are again well and truly roused by what she sees...

After all of those weeks of waiting for the filler to end, it certainly feels as though that wait was worthwhile now we've returned to the realms of a proper storyline for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, with the series notably upping its game again for this major arc. Quite simply, it's vastly more interesting than what has come immediately before, and everything from the relationships between the various major characters (notably Kuroko and Uihara) to the unravelling mysteries of the Poltergeist incidents themselves make for a genuinely watchable affair. Is this To Aru Kagaku no Railgun back to its best? You bet it is, and hopefully this peak can now continue on until the end of the series.

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I think the series is best when it's doing science fiction by exploring the nature of psi powers / technology and their effects on our characters and the world. (Oddly enough, so was Index: the Misaka and Accelerator "sci fi" psi-high stories were stronger than the "magic" based stories).