Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Darker than BLACK II OVA - Episode 1

If the ending of Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini left you disappointed with its relative lack of answers or explanations as to the goings-on within the series... then you probably shouldn't be watching a show that enjoys toying with its viewers in terms of mystery in the first place. Anyhow, whether you enjoyed Ryuusei no Gemini or not, the series DVD and Blu-Ray release is also shipping with an OVA which fills some of the gaps between the first and second series of the franchise - Will this succeed in answering some more questions? Probably not, but that's certainly not going to stop me watching it.

The first episode of this OVA takes us back into Hei's world after the events of the the original series of Darker Than BLACK, and sees him on the run from the Syndicate (his former employers) along with Yin. Needless to say trying to run from the all-powerful Syndicate is pretty hard work, and the problems which arise from doing so appear to be taking their toll on Hei both physically and mentally. However, the pair appear to have found somewhere safe and quiet for now as they look to move to their next destination, so for once all appears well, despite Yin's rather odd behaviour considering her status as a Doll.

Any oddities on Yin's part are soon overshadowed though, as a woman looking almost identical to Amber checks into the hotel occupied by Hei and Yin - Although this seems to be nothing but a mere coincidence, things soon take a far more dangerous turn that once again puts Hei back on the run, and both his and Yin's life in danger.

Just as I so often praised the portrayal of action scenes within Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini, so this OVA similarly manages to match those breath-taking moments with aplomb - They might be few and far between, but boy are they worth waiting for; this episode seems to know it too, and makes sure that it starts things with a bang. That aside, a lot of this episode is dependant on building the odd dynamic between Hei and Yin, which is one of both trust and mistrust, and the cold-hearted logic of a Contractor or the emotionless responses of a Doll mixed with something far more human and personal. It makes for a hard to read relationship between the two, but this succeeds in making this particular instalment all the more fascinating. Throw in some excellently played twists and turns as befitting a show with such a sense of playful mystery, and you have yourself a genuinely good opening to this OVA. Of course, we have an idea as to where these episodes are taking us (considering Yin's situation within Ryuusei no Gemini), but judging by this episode we're all set for an intriguing and exciting ride to get there.


Coelluś said...

Sorry for disturbing and my english - have You got any information about next episode when it will be? It's a bit long :(

Hanners said...

The next episode of this OVA will be released as part of volume 4 of Ryuusei no Gemini on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan - It's due out towards the end of March I believe.

Coelluś said...

Thank You :)

Shinji said...

Hi ther

A major part of me loves DTB, both season 1 and 2. But as many animes do, they fail with rushed last episode endings. The mood of the series is magnificent, but just slightly too cryptic on the core storyline regarding the Gates etc. Why do they torment me so lol. How many OVA's can we expect and do u thnk thers a season 3?