Monday, 22 February 2010

Sora no Woto - Episode 8

I'm not sure that anything could match the shock and oddly majestic horror of the last episode of Sora no Woto, which sent my expectations for what the second half of this series could deliver through the stratosphere. Perhaps thankfully then, this eighth instalment of the show doesn't try too hard to match or better what came immediately before.

Instead, this episode focuses largely on the story of one girl and one telephone, as Kanata is left in charge of the emergency telephone which is due to be tested at some point during that day. As time passes so all of the other girls are called out on business in some shape or form (aside from Noel who is asleep all day, naturally), leaving Kanata more or less to her own devices. Unfortunately, at the end of a surprisingly tough day when your own devices involves drinking far too much cider and then finding yourself torn between abandoning your post to relieve yourself and standing your ground, things are never likely to end prettily.

While much of this instalment is naturally focused on having a bit of fun at Kanata's expense and engaging in slapstick comedy throughout, once again Sora no Woto doesn't forget to further its story and history in what could almost consider a throwaway fashion. Thus, we learn from one discussion that there are still peace talks in progress which supposedly aren't going well, whilst more importantly Rio's position and role in the grander scheme of things is hinted at ever-more heavily, suggesting that she's going to become a major part of the story in some shape or form as we move forward over the coming weeks.

Either way, this blend of fun against some far more serious topics continues to work surprisingly well, and the fact that Sora no Woto can mix up a shockingly depressing episode with light-hearted fluff and hold my attention on both counts has to be saying something. Right now, it's tough to speculate where this series is headed, but I for one can't wait to follow it on its weaving, bobbing way.

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JW said...

This episode was awesome in so many ways. The priest with the kids was priceless. The owl had some of the best lines of the episode.

This is a series that doesn't let heavy matters such as peace talks get in the way of all the fun.