Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ookami Kakushi - Episode 8

Kana certainly paid the price for her deep interest in the supernatural, and more specifically Jouga wolves and just what those entities might be, during the last episode of Ookami Kakushi, and as the show's eighth instalment begins she remains incarcerated on account of her proclivities. Lucky for her then that Nemuru is on-hand to use her influence to see to it that Kana is released, under the promise that she does no more research on the subject.

However, even Nemuru's influence appears to be waning, largely on account of her interfering when it comes to those close to her, and the final straw comes when she helps first Mana and then Hiro avoid capture by the "pack of wolves" who are looking to move their nefarious plans (whatever they might be) forward. This sees Nemuru relegated from her position, while Kaori appears all set to take up her role and another "handyman" is also employed to do some of the dirty work, not least when it comes to capturing Hiro.

However, the handyman in question is none other than Shuuichirou Sakaki acting as something of a double agent, and thus he plans the various factions off against one another in order to wreak his own revenge against those who destroyed his life, or more specifically that of his loved one. What does this mean for Nemuru, and indeed for Hiro? Given Sakaki's maniacal laughter and behaviour, the forecast doesn't look particularly good for either party.

While there was plenty going on in this episode, there's something increasingly unsatisfying about the way this series is progressing its story that I can't quite put a finger on. Perhaps it's the fact that it's deliberately withholding information just to be mysterious, or perhaps it's simply that everything that is revealed seems a little trite and obvious, but as the weeks go by so the joy and curiosity of watching this series continues to dissipate. Now, that doesn't make Ookami Kakushi a bad anime by any stretch, but it does point to it being a little tired and unimaginative when its put up against other similar shows which have done a similar job rather better in terms of both plot and characterisation. There's still time for redemption for Ookami Kakushi, but it is beginning to run rather short.

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