Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hatsukoi Limited: Gentei Shoujo - Episodes 1-2

Don't you just hate it when you're in such a hurry that you forget to put on any underwear? No? Hmm, must just be then.... Or rather, me and Soako Andou, who features as a brand new character in this six-part series of Hatsukoi Limited special episodes which accompany the show's DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

As a tool to sell discs, Soako's remit in Gentei Shoujo is obvious - All fan service, all the time.... as if you hadn't guessed that from the premise of these episodes which involve a girl wearing no underwear. It's rather odd that the producers have chosen to create a new character to suffer from this debilitating self-inflicted wardrobe malfunction; I can only assume the decision was made to subject a new girl to this in an attempt to preserve the final shred of artistic merit afforded the original series.

So, with all of that in mind, these two episodes take us through the expected pitfalls of being a girl and not wearing any pants; everything from simply sitting at your desk through to falling down some stairs (where Soako shows great focus in worrying about exposing herself over and above breaking her neck, and bringing forth these first two episodes only genuinely funny moment in the process), and changing for PE through to splitting your shorts while vaulting.

I suppose credit has to be given to some extent for these episodes in that, for an entirely fan service-driven vehicle, it is actually pretty tantalising sexy, and every effort has clearly been made to sexualise the scenario as much as possible. Beyond those aesthetic and male-driven fantasy moments however, this really is nonsense of the highest degree, although I suppose to call it out as such is a bit like complaining about obscure grammatical errors in Penthouse.


kadian1364 said...

I can only fault myself for expecting something less shameless from this series. And yet I plan the watch the other 4 segments?

Anonymous said...

Soako is not an anime original character, she comes from a bonus chapter of the manga. The tv writers are just extending her tribulations to 6 chapters. I think it's perfect for a DVD omake: mindless fun and ecchiness!