Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Basquash! - Episode 20

Following what was really a pretty pointless recap episode (well, half-episode) last week, we finally get back to the real story for this twentieth instalment of Basquash!, although it seems that as per usual there are yet more obstacles in the way of our trip to the moon.

This time the issue is with the team's Bigfoots themselves - Put simply, both Dan and Sela have outgrown the capabilities of their units, to the point where the strain put upon them by the efforts of their respective operators are causing them to come apart at the seams. This gives Mizuki a chance to play the heroine for once, as she opts to single-handedly overhaul the team's trio of bigfoots to create something bigger and better ready for their trip to the moon.

Alongside Mizuki's own personal struggle (which occurs largely in memory of her deceased father), we also get a bit of an inside scoop on the past history of Haruka and James Loan, while we're also reminded as to the continued importance of Eclipse, and in particular Rouge, to the story as preparations continue for the group's final concert.

Although from a more personal perspective it was actually really nice to see the oft-neglected Mizuki get some time in the spotlight this episode, this did feel like a suspiciously unecessary episode, which is a little surprising when you consider we now have just six episodes to go and Team Basquash still haven't made it to the moon properly - I can't possibly imagine that they're shooting for a second series, so I'm just hoping they don't try to shoe-horn too much into the time remaining and make even more of a mess of things than they have at times already with this series. I'd love to be confident enough to unequivocably say that Basquash! hasn't lost its way, but I'm still not entirely convinced that isn't exactly the case - Only time will tell, and surely the series will fly us to the moon next episode? Pretty please?

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