Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Basquash! - Episode 18

The last episode of Basquash! left Dan at the sharp end of katana in the underground nightmare in which him and his cohorts had been trapped for a couple of episodes - Is there any means of escape for this supposed legend? There's still nine episodes to go, of course there is!

That escape route comes courtesy of Iceman Hotty, who takes on Dan's assailant both to help him escape as well as to feed his own personal need for revenge against the person who decimated his body so. Thus, the rest of the crew (including Dan's new friend Navi the giant) make their escape back to the surface without Iceman, who is left to his own devices so that he can fight his own fight.

In the midst of all this, we see James Loan... sorry, "Mr. Perfect"... prevent a kidnapping attempt on Coco, as well as some more exposition regarding Rouge's progress - Two items which appear to be tied into a far bigger political conflict between James and Harris. I still have no real idea what either of those two are up to, but the upshot of the formers efforts appears to be another match for Team Basquash, giving them an opportunity to battle for a second shot at travelling to the moon.

After feeling worryingly like it was about to jump the proverbial shark a few times over the past couple of episodes, this instalment of Basquash! at least seems to be somewhat returning to terra firma by (ironically given that turn of phrase) restarting the gang's journey to the moon, albeit with Navi now in tow in place of Iceman Hotty... For the time being at least. I still wish they'd actually gotten to the moon by now, as that appears to be where all of the actual interesting side of the story will reside, but with episode nineteen at least promising a return to some proper Basquash action things are at least looking up.

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