Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tamako Market - Episode 2

For a talking bird, our feathered friend certainly seems to have integrated himself quickly into Tamako's family and circle of friends - thankfully for him the topic of this week's episode also seems to be his specialist subject.

The reason for this is that everyone is abuzz with the approach of Valentine's Day - a day of love, chocolate and more chocolate, usually followed by some chocolate.  For all of the excited girlie talk with her friends about who may or may not give or receive chocolate to whom, Tamako is disappointed to find a complete lack of anything suitably celebratory at the local market.  Of course, this simply won't do, and thus she submits a proposal at the market's all-vendor meeting to suggest that they spruce up the place with some Valentine's Day flavoured marketing.

It's an idea that goes down incredibly well with everyone present... everyone, that is, apart from Tamako's father, who is insistent that the idea is stupid.  Still, as a minority of one he can do nothing to prevent the cornucopia of colourful (well, pink mostly) decorations and the like which flood the market, topped off by the recording of an advertisement by Mochizou with helped from Tamako and her friends.

On the surface, this all adds up to another fluffy piece of slice of life fare that just so happens to feature a talking bird.  Look a little deeper however and there are some interesting undertones to the episode - Tamako's friend Midori is the focus of much of this, as Dera discusses the pain of hidden-away emotions that can't be described or understood and Kanna pipes up that it's okay to love anyone.  Add this to the video messages played back by Dera starring his master, and there are things going on here that are yet to be fleshed out, and you can't quite shake the feeling that they could all do so in an emotionally impactful way as the series progresses.  I certainly hope that is the case, as beyond that Tamako Market could threaten to be little more than a sweet little series with a line in funny little moments, high production values and not a lot else.

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