Saturday, 19 January 2013

Robotics;Notes - Episode 13

Work is progressing slowly but... well, just slowly really, on the GunPro-2 - a situation not helped by only Aki really showing any interest in the entire endeavour.

Certainly, neither Kai nor Koujiro both have more important things on their mind - in Koujiro's case she's now putting plenty of effort into piecing together more information about the death of her mother and how the leaked minutes of the cancelled final episode of Gunvarrel might hold some clues as to her fate.

As for Kai, his head is still buried in the Kimijima reports - although the fourth report makes little sense to him, he still goes about unlocking the fifth despite scoffing at its talk of a robot rebellion precipitated by massive solar flares due to the impending death of the sun.  Perhaps he's scoffed at such claims a little prematurely however, as it seems that in this world truth can be just as strange as perceived fiction - but is Frau Koujiro responsible for what's going on?

It seems like I've said "this seems to be the point where Robotics;Notes gets good" too many times already, so I'm rather wary of crying wolf at this juncture.  However, surely this is the pivotal point where the series clicks into overdrive - its final minutes were pretty much what we've been waiting throughout the whole series thus far for, so hopefully it can pick this up and run with it without being overly distracted by the show's other (read: far less interesting) elements.  It may be too late to save Robotics;Notes as a whole, but there's still plenty of time to ensure that its second half impresses.

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