Sunday, 20 January 2013

Little Busters! - Episode 15

With Mio's arc over, it's time for Little Busters to take a quick breather before returning to its "serious business".

Although Naoe is all settled down for an evening in with the boys, he finds himself subjected to constant efforts to lure him away to the girls dorm with news that something "terrible" has happened.  After resisting some rather half-hearted earlier requests, a blunt text message from Rin finally causes him to throw caution to the wind and check it out.  So it is that Naoe finds himself kidnapped and made the centrepiece of a sleepover planned by the girls.

That's pretty much sums up this episode to be honest - Naoe gets plied with snacks and cakes, blindfolded and tied up while the girls are taking a bath and then dressed up as a girl after his own turn in the bath, before goofing around and making so much noise that the whole group almost comes a cropper at the hands of the the over-zealous student council.

As a fluffy, nothing episode, there isn't a lot to say about this week's Little Busters - it's hardly been the most jaw-dropping of series at the best of times, so it's even less notable when it journeys towards more frivolous fare.  So, while there was nothing wrong with this week's instalment there wasn't really anything to stand out about it either, and unless you've fallen in love with the cast (which I have to admit that I really haven't) then there's effectively nothing for you here.

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