Sunday, 5 February 2012

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing - Episode 15

Just as it seemed as if all hope was lost for Millia, so good fortune finally smiles upon her with the introduction of an Anti-Luscinia faction, headed by General Vasant, that are happy to stick their neck out and oppose the systematic occupation and destruction being carried out by the mainstay of Ades in the name of peace.

In fact, what seems to be a limited rebel faction actually proves to be rather substantial, with Augusta at their helm as a figurehead and a ragtag assortment of factions happy to provide their abilities in the name of putting a stop to Luscinia and his plans.  With Millia also acting as an important figure in her own right, and the likes of Glacies remaining pilots in their ranks, there's more firepower (both political and military) than they might have hoped for.

Despite Fam's careless chatter, even Augusta is ultimately won over to the cause in general terms despite her young age and caring equally for both Vasant and Luscinia - however, there are already worries afoot within this new alliance, with Fam rightly disturbed by the new Alliance council's gleeful excitement about the prospect of bringing death to Luscinia, while Millia also begins to understand what might have swayed her sister towards her current path of action.  However, all of this seemingly pales into comparison with whatever Luscinia himself is planning to unlock using the powers at his disposal...

Moving away from its sky-bound action has always been a tough task for Fam, the Silver Wing, but as with much of this series its main thrust seems to shine through reasonably well in the end, with suggestions that this new Alliance to vie for peace and an end to Luscinia's way of doing things could end up as a case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" and a very clear note that aiming to create happiness for everyone is always an unattainable goal for one reason or another.  Although this show's politics has never been the most compelling part of its story (and it's arguably its weakest link), the human element behind it has become increasingly important and well-realised as the series has proceeded, to the point where it now serves the aforementioned action segments of the series well - something I imagine we can look forward to more of next week by the look of things.

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