Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys - Episode 5

Who on Earth actually writes Daily Lives of High School Boys?  Some school kid?  A girl even?  Such is the pressing question which kicks off this week's fun-filled episode.

The sketches come pretty thick and fast this time around too - we start out by watching some girls goofing around which somehow morphs into our main trio of boys given their actions a "voice-over" which is, ultimately at least, probably pretty accurate.  There are social pitfalls aplenty too, as Motoharu has to endure the hardships of being made to hang out with his older sister and her friends, which leads to teasing aplenty, while Ringo completely misreads a situation that befalls her and an old friend inadvertently causes some hassle for Hidenori and Yoshitake.  All of this is as of nothing compared to another failed attempt to impress the fabled literature girl.

Despite the show's title however, this series "funky girls" manage to go at least some way towards stealing the show, with some blatant ribbing of K-ON complete with references to its recent movie, while proving that this particular hard-edged trio also have a softer side.

Overall, I have to say that this was probably the best instalment of Daily Lives of High School Boys we've seen so far - almost every single scene was either downright funny from beginning to end or had a sufficiently strong pay-off to be worth its build-up, creating an impressive body of comedy in the process.  There's something rather wonderful about the show's vein of observational comedy as it takes on awkward social situations with a slapstick but markedly accurate male perspective.  Perhaps its voice acting is a little overblown from time to time to a point where it risks becoming a distraction, but that's a small gripe about an excellent slice of comedy entertainment.

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