Friday, 24 February 2012

Amagami SS+ plus - Episode 8

Having quite literally missed the bus last episode, Kaoru and Junichi look well and truly stranded as the second half of their follow-up story arc begins.

Luckily for them, it isn't too long until a truck driver tilts up at the service station they've been left behind at, and kindly fellow that he is he offers the couple a lift, if only to the nearest station.  With time getting on however, he eventually plumps for dropping Junichi and Kaoru at a hot springs hotel - a potential paradise on paper, but one that turns out to be decidedly creepy for the most part.

Still, for all of its terrifying qualities, the hotel does at least provide our couple with a decent night's sleep - not that it seems to help they're mood, as the realisation that Junichi has lost his purse (carry a wallet for heaven's sake man) and all of his money with it leaves them with little in the way of funds to make their way home.  By the time they get lost on their way back from the hotel the pair of them have very much fallen out, although thankfully it isn't long before normal service is resumed, before a decidedly daft final twist grants them the route home that they very much need.

After really enjoying the first half of this particular story arc, this week's Amagami SS fell a little flat - a lot of the previously fun dynamic between Kaoru and Junichi was lost or took a back seat, and there wasn't much room for decent comedy either as much of the instalment was filled with clichés.  From threatening to be a new high point for the series so far, this week's episode leaves Kaoru's arc feeling decidedly weaker overall than some of the others - a shame given how well the two characters seem suited to each other in general terms.

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