Monday, 18 April 2011

The World God Only Knows Season 2 - Episode 2

Having introduced the hard as nails (at least outwardly) Kusunoki Kasuga last episode, it's time for The World God Only Knows to throw her straight into a date with Keima as this second instalment of season two begins.

Oddly enough, said date doesn't exactly go swimmingly, with Keima taking Kusunoki to a nearby game store while Kasuga's choice of prime date location is a martial arts shop.  Eventually things get somewhat back on track via a session (of gaming, you perverts!) in the arcade and an opportunity to catch a movie, but although Kasuga's cute "alter-ego" appears on a couple of occasions it isn't enough to cure Keima's latest target of what ails her.

In the end, it appears that there's only one thing for it - the utter, depraved debauchery that is sharing an ice cream cone.  This shocking display of public hunger finally splits Kasuga's duelling elements clean in two, at which point they... well, duel.  Who will win - cute, girly Kusunoki or tough, manly Kusunoki?  There's only one way to find out... watch the rest of the episode!

Having complained about the predictable and (more importantly) clichéd nature of Kasuga's character last week, I have to confess that I actually rather enjoyed this episode - finishing the story arc in two episodes left it pretty much perfectly paced and ensuring its scenario didn't get too dull, and the way Keima's "date" and ensuing conflict was played out was well-presented enough to be entertaining.  In other words, I really can't particularly complain about this week's instalment - as a nicely produced slice of fun with a soft centre it worked pretty well, and with another demon now on the loose perhaps we'll be getting a break (or at least a shift in balance) from the show's usual fare.

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