Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tiger & Bunny - Episode 3

With our intrepid, titular crime-fighting duo not exactly in sync when it comes to... well, pretty much anything really, the last thing neither Barnaby nor Wild Tiger need is a camera crew following them around whilst recording a documentary on the city's newest superhero.

After an abortive practice session that sees Tiger "killed", a large chunk of this episode sees Barnaby's every move followed by the aforementioned documentary crew, and while the subject of the piece seems to have little trouble when it comes to looking good for either the camera or his fans, Wild Tiger is finding it entirely more difficult to appear amenable and friendly to his work partner even if it's just for show.

Naturally, it takes a crisis to bring the best out of the duo, and Tiger and Barnaby are faced with just that when a promotional visit to the brand-new Fortress Tower is subjected to a bomb threat - while Wild Tiger's instincts actually prove useful for once in tracking down the bomb, there's still the question of what to do with it, and even Barnaby's skills in bomb disposal don't quite cut the mustard, leaving us with a decidedly clichéd "which wire do I cut moment", before Wild Tiger decides that the best way to solve the problem is with some good, old-fashioned brute force.

Even it Tiger & Bunny's core elements are starting to look more predictable and traditional as the series goes on, that doesn't stop it from being fun - seeing a bunch of superheroes working as corporate shills for their sponsors and masters somehow still hasn't lost its charm while their behaviour still evokes some decent touches of comedy.  Even Tiger and Barnaby's relationship holds few surprises at this juncture but still proves entertaining in a slightly cheesy yet fun way... "Sunrise creating something fun but cheesy?  You don't say" I hear you all murmur.  Anyhow, on top of these largely episodic stories there is a feeling that something deeper is going to emerge from the undercurrents of the series - hopefully Tiger & Bunny will pace such developments sufficiently well to take the reins when the other aspects of the series start to become stale (as they surely will).

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