Friday, 29 April 2011

Gosick - Episode 15

Having done perhaps a better job than any other previous story arc in building up its plot and the mysteries surrounding it, it's time for Gosick to close out its latest story arc... and hopefully with a bang, rather than a whimper.

For starters, Victorique continues to get to grips with Leviathan's story, as we follow in a little more detail his supposed exploits as they pertained to alchemy and the service of the country's royal family - a story which ended in the murder of the king's son and the eventual mysterious disappearance of Leviathan himself.  Meanwhile, Kujo confronts Brian Roscoe within the clock tower, via a conversation that ties Mr. Roscoe to Victorique in an interesting fashion, while a brief flashback gives away even more about his origins and his true place in matters.

In the end though, this story is all about Victorique's explanation of the deaths in the clock tower and everything else surrounding it, as Leviathan's true identity ties in to the songs still sung by children in the area, and with his ability to produce gold explained away without the need for flights of fancy such as alchemy.  Indeed, the whole story slots in between the first and second World War tidily, while also shedding even more light on Victorique's father and how he came to sire a so-called Grey Wolf.

Overall, this wraps up what is easily the best story arc of the series so far - it kept its proverbial powder dry throughout (even if it didn't offer much opportunity for the viewer to try and solve everything themselves, as per usual for this series), and the fact that it ties into so many other major elements of the series as a whole, and doubtless forthcoming story lines, is very satisfying indeed given the possibilities it opens up.  If only the series had its head on straight and packaged up more of its tales like this from the off this could have been a classic series, but as it is it only just seems to be hitting is stride.  Still, better late than never I suppose.

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