Wednesday, 28 April 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 4

It's school trip time for the girls of the light music club (minus Azusa of course, who is in a different year), which means a chance to head out to Kyoto for a couple of days. I wonder what made Kyoto Animation decide to base an episode in Kyoto? I really can't imagine...

Anyhow, with that concept in mind this episode probably writes itself, as the entire instalment follows the four light music club girls on their adventure, with Mio becoming increasingly exasperated by Yui and Ritsu's childish behaviour, which even Mugi joins in on at times, while Sawako ends up beyond exasperation with their antics as Ritsu and Yui charge about the place generally making a racket. All's well that ends well however, and come the end of the trip even Mio ends up in the holiday spirit, although it seemed from here a little more like she'd gone slightly bonkers by the end of the episode.

After really enjoying the previous episode of K-ON!! immensely, this latest instalment felt a little too predictable to me somehow - Yes it was kind of fun, and there were a couple of funny moments that got a laugh out of me, but the rest of it was just the girls living up to their characters without ever surprising us or doing anything different; indeed, even the brief moment of peril wasn't really utilised as much for comic potential as it could have been and previously has been by other shows such as Lucky Star. Still, K-ON!! remains nothing if not light-hearted and enjoyable, so against that measure it wasn't a bad episode, and if you're getting Azusa withdrawal symptoms then at least you have an episode centred around her to look forward to next week.


JW said...

Having been to Kyoto myself I was dismayed to see the girls running around that beautiful city acting like a bunch of yappy terriers.

However, they redeemed themselves with the "Lights out scene".

Yui and I started laughing at the exact same time! How's that for intuitive animating? :)

ahchiew said...

The starting with 'I thought is Yui' packing her luggage is kinda fun.

Hanners said...

The "lights out" scene was easily my favourite too... It cracked me up around the same time as the girls too.

Krungie said...

Weell... The cow scene, although a minor one compared to the "lights out scene" was pretty funny.

Sawako's PMS was.. hilarious! I never thought she could scream so loud. But apparently her Club Days gave her loud voice boxes..

K-ON's been a blast so far but they need to add a more definite plot. Oh, some new characters would be nice too.

Skull said...

Mugi's laugh-snort was so epic.

Also, I was actually surprised at how much she took part in all the antics, like instigating that pillow fight. So not all of them acted like their regular selves. Though I haven't read any of the mangas.