Thursday, 29 April 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 5

Come the end of HEROMAN's last episode, we got to see our robot hero power up yet again, while their victory in seeing the area evacuated was short-lived as yet more of the Skrugg's giant marbles appear throughout and start wreaking their various paths of destruction. What can Joey, Heroman and company do in the face of this latest threat?

Run, that's what. With no immediate plan of action available, the group retreats back to Professor Denton's laboratory so that they can figure something out - An idea which is easier said than done when even your most powerful weapon won't scratch those aforementioned spheres. Eventually, and with no better ideas in sight, Joey takes it upon himself to rejoin the fight as the news television stations report a massed Skrugg army on the move. Psy agrees to join him, and ends up finding himself kitted out with a weapon created by the Professor from Skrugg technology to use the power of music to gain victory... the guy has clearly been watching too much Macross.

Hugely outnumbered, Joey and Psy take to guerilla tactics to try and reduce the Skrugg's numbers, using hit and run attacks and hiding out in wrecked buildings to gain their advantage. This seems to be working well enough, but inevitably the Skrugg have some surprising tactics of their own up their sleeves.... Except they don't really have sleeves, but stop picking holes!

By this juncture HEROMAN has well and truly set out its stall in terms of its tone and aims, and this fifth episode simply continues in the same vein of mindless fun and action, although to be fair I was at least slightly caught out by the twist in the ending of this instalment which makes for an interesting cliff-hanger next time around - I was wrongly assuming that particular card would be played either later or entirely differently by the Skrugg. Anyhow, after feeling a little jaded by the last episode, somehow this week's effort worked a little better for me - In short, it was simply more entertaining, bizarre guitar weapons and all, and as we've already discussed entertainment is about all you can ask for from this particular show.

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JW said...

I hope the next epi is full of action. I like it with Heroman is kicking alien tail. I hope Lina-hime's helpless kawaii won't ruin all the boys' fun, but maybe she can kick butt too.

I mean... Looking at Stella.