Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hyakko - Episode 7

The preview for this episode of Hyakko promised us thrills and spills... Okay, well it didn't really, but if Apple can have an iPhone commercial pulled for making the Internet seem too fast then I can make a pseudo-complaint about false episode previews in anime!

Anyway, it's summer uniform time at Kamizono High School, which means that the members of the photography club are out in force once again in the name of business - Namely taking pictures of the female students which they can sell on to make a tidy profit. Joining them for this task is a guy named Kitsune, who just oozes delinquent in name, looks and actions. Things take a surprising turn as the group comes across Torako, as we learn that Kitsune is in fact her brother, and indeed a sibling with a knack for getting one over on his sister whenever it takes his fancy. With Shishimaru (he of the not all that secret crush on Torako) joining the party, Kitsune seems to have decided to help him out by getting him closer to Torako, with some frankly mixed results.

Once again, this episode of Hyakko proved to far from the heights of humour, but in a strangne kind of way I am kind of warming to it and its depiction of school life and the characters therein - Not enough to make it any kind of classic by any means, but enough to keep the series watchable without seemingly like a complete waste of time. It also seems to be delighting in teasing us with some certain pieces of information and relationships that we don't have a definite feeling for yet, which is probably another little piece of intrigue which keeps me watching this series which is starting to excel at being average if I'm honest.

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ThatQuebecGuy said...

You almost convinced me to give Hyakko another try. The show itself is pretty watchable I guess, but I find the character design just so ugly! I can't bear it... argh! So I'm reading the manga instead; the art is very rough, but it has a certain charm to it compared to it's anime counterpart.